About Tom

Tom Rector is a multi-talented creative professional who has created major campaigns in all media for a number of top Fortune 500 corporations. From broadcast campaigns to banner ads, long copy brochures to website content, his sharp, perceptive and often profound writing style is not only captivating – it makes sales happen. Beginning at Bozell & Jacobs/Los Angeles and later Bozell, Jacobs, Kenyon & Eckhardt/Los Angeles where he was mentored by the legendary Hy Yablonka, Tom worked on such major accounts as Chrysler, Avis and Tyco Toys among others. The DevilTom left to work at DDB/Los Angeles where he wrote and produced spots featuring legendary talents such as Lorenzo Music, Jack Riley, Thom Sharp and Don LaFontaine. This led to a focus on entertainment advertising as Tom produced advertising for almost every major television studio including Fox, Columbia/Tri-Star, Paramount, Warner Brothers, King World and Buena Vista among others.

In the mid-nineties, Tom’s career took another turn when Joe Phelps, AAAA Entrepreneur Leader of the Year 2000, contacted Tom to become V.P. Creative for The Phelps Group. Joined by veteran L.A. creative leader Howie Cohen after the buyout of Cohen/Johnson, Tom has created award-winning campaigns for PETCO, Panasonic, Energy Star, Whole Foods Market, Malaysia Airlines, Hughes Communications, LADWP and Tahiti Tourism.